Friday 16 October 2015

Put that in your pipe...

Gutters and down pipes on... nearly. I think I've decided that some of this kit I like and some I don't. The main walling parts with the sheet material I've grown to enjoy. Though some of the add on bits are way too chunky; the ridge tile are a case in point. Although this is a bad angle and the overhang doesn't show this much with the naked eye, the fact that you have to file a 'flat' on the roof sections for the ridge strip becomes less efficient as the pitch increases and here I'm down about as far as I dare without effectively slicing into the bargeboard area. Something more subtle would be better. Ditto the down pipes which are nice in the fact that they have jointing cups moulded in, but not as being that they are moulded in two C section halves (almost) means you get an oval pipe. This isn't terribly obvious, but I know it's there.
The gents toilet is a complete mystery. The parts don't seem to match the diagram which is just a complete isometric and not exploded. That, or there are more parts missing -  tricky to tell.


  1. It's a grand job so far. I do the opposite to you for the ridge tiles...equally perverse though. I file them hollow with the tang end of a needle file. Sometimes you get a brittle set and that's no use, but generally it works.

  2. Realy good blog !