Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Stake and chips

Tolworth came and went. I'm not overly keen on doing two day shows, but this seemed to fly by. What continues to amaze me is the interest in Svanda. To me it's a pretty niche interest layout representing a smallish foreign state railway - a long way from the GWR branch lines that still litter the exhibitions. And yet all day people come up, comment on what we've done, and spout all sorts of information about Norwegian railways and what lines they've been on. They spot the Swedish railbus (hired by the NSB for a while) and the Dutch Mack (ditto) and have a remarkable amount of knowledge. Nigel will stand and swap stories, while I just stand slightly baffled. Also of great interest was the newly constructed rail-Unimog which sits (prototypically) on the platform with its guide wheels raised. it only got put there for a trial, but I think will possibly be a permanent fixture.

There now follows a period of reflection and maintenance. There are no more shows in the book for any of the three current layouts only a few pencilled enquiries. It's nice not to have deadlines and gives time for some repairs. Svanda has been knocked about a bit and needs freshening up with scenics and new lights perhaps.

The two wagons are an NSB chip wagon and an NSB stake wagon carrying round fence post bundles. All we need now is a pea wagon...

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  1. Well I have got a couple of Roco H0e wagons whose load (according to the catalogue) is supposedly potatoes.......

    Showtrain was interesting; despite the fact that it makes a feature of larger layouts, the level of informed interest in Sand Point was kept up throughout the weekend and I suspect Svanda was provoking the same sort of interest.......a layout which is quite different to the majority of exhibits but which is achievable in a reasonable space.