Monday 22 April 2019

Track down

A final push this morning saw all the track down, wired and tested. Just the linking wiring to do. Looks nice and long and sinewy and will irritate all the 'you could have put another siding in there mate' merchants. After Dury's Gap it seems huge and yet still falls into the bracket of 'small' at just 7'4" long. Mrs F has named it Clatter, which was bypassed on the East-West Cambrian route. History will be conveniently re-written to suit, but here could be a couple of architectural changes. 25 weeks to go.


  1. Nice....I like a bit of space around the sidings. I think it's Clatter (or perhaps Carno) which has signs up demanding the reopening of the station. Nice part of the world and a somewhat untapped vein for railway ideas...

  2. What’s the curved cut out at the front for?