Monday 30 September 2019

Handheld controller holder

Handheld controller holder
I've had a few dealings with White Rose baseboards in the last few months with regard to the Hopwood underpinings and found them (Harold) more than helpful on the phone when discussing modeller's requirements. I subsequently bumped into them at the Mansfield 009 event where in addition to the baseboards they were waving these around.

It's designed to take the newer (for me anyway) breed of DCC type handheld, but will work just as well for the more ergonomic analogue variety. The reaction will be 'I could make that myself'. Well, yes you could, but including your time cutting the bits out … for eight quid??? 

Regulars will be aware that I delight in chucking handhelds on the floor so this is probably my accessory product of the year so far. All I have to do is persuade  Nigel to put a round head screw on the back of Svanda so that I can use it for the next two upcoming shows.
Said controller holder can be found here.


  1. Have you considered a strip of velcro on the back of your handheld and a strip on the baseboard edge to stick it to? Much cheaper and works very well!