Monday, 30 March 2020

7mm station building

Compression is the key. What I learnt from being brought up on CJ Freezer was the proportion tricks, well not so much tricks, as making sure you don't over do it. Scale modelling is all well and good, but we don't have scale domestic space. This is a case in point.

I have 3 metres to play with - sounds a lot, but a simple two point crossover sucks up 3'. Two of those for a loop and two, so 6' of point work and so on. In order to make things look open and spacious platforms need to be thin and long, with only up to a third covered with buildings. Once you hit 50%, your platform suddenly looks short.  Small buildings work better.

I took the general dimensions from a drawing of an L & B building in the 7mm NGA's buildings book, and basically lopped a door off the length. Adding the lamp room actually makes it longer overall, but takes away the squatiness, without making the building large. Well that's the theory anyway.

Peco windows and door and Wills corrugated asbestos sheet as recommended by David Taylor among others. The roof is a card mock-up to see how little overhang I can get away with.

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  1. Either short, or lots and lots of buildings. Really fill the scene with industry and it makes sense, but that's a huge amount of extra work.