Wednesday, 18 March 2020

A lineside shed for Tiley Road

A lineside shed for Tiley Road
Almost to get my eye back in again after the last couple of months in 009, I'd picked this Parkside kit out of the box as a good place to start. Straightforward and fool proof as well as being self contained... it's a plastic box, what could go wrong?

I suppose that if you were starting in O gauge this would be an excellent first project for just those very reasons. The only modification is the bog paper roof covering with the rip. Otherwise it's as per the instructions - not that it comes with any. I roughed the planking surface slightly with some wet and dry to add a little grain and the rest is the usual mix of grey/brown acrylics. This is slightly over-lit; the real thing appears a tad darker. I'll probably fit it up with a small pile of sleeper steps and some assorted debris when on the layout.

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