Monday 22 June 2020

Modelling the normal way

o gauge trackwork
Just to prove that I can not only be flexible when the occasion warrants it, but will also refuse to follow my own advice.
It's a race to the finish now with Tiley Road and as with Hopwood the rat's tail siding section is the last to be tackled. 

After explaining at length a few days ago why I never follow the standard procedure of ballasting the track as soon as the rails are down, but leaving it until the bones of the scenic in place, I made an executive decision on Friday. Namely in order to get all the clutter of three open bags of ballast, runny glue pot, syringe etc. off of the workspace, I waited for Mrs F. to leave the building, dumped the third board on the kitchen table and ballasted said rat's tail track. Waiting for her to go out isn't usually necessary, but she's been using the same space to work from home and I couldn't be doing with the potential territorial grunting. 

Only some lightweight landscaping and a wiggly tin hut to finish this bit.

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