Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Repairing the O gauge

Repairing the O gauge

I spent a large-ish chunk of yesterday, fixing things on the O gauge. Not that things went wrong as such more that they hadn't gone right, which is a different thing altogether. I don't know whether it's the PVA I'm using (Asda's finest) or it's that I'm getting sloppy. 

I ran a hoover over the layout pre electrical test. Really just to pick up any stray bits of carpet underlay that will gravitate toward the motors. What happened next was predictable (now). Odd bits of ballast hadn't stuck and ditto bits of scenic fluff - not a problem in itself, but it was the range of unstuckedness that was the problem. I had to reenergise the ballast laying procedure just for a combined area of about 2" as well as the whole pallet of scenic bits. Essentially a micro layout's work. Of course once you have soggy ballast, even if it's a small area, any thoughts of electrical testing go out of the window until it's thoroughly dry and unconductable. I followed this with the waking of the bramble factory. The upshot is that platform furniture excepting and a couple of figures this main part of the layout is done.

Re my suggestions about exhibitions a couple of days ago: Mr Weller has given a lengthy reply in the comments of that post which is well worth some considered reading. 

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