Saturday 8 January 2022

A damn good strapping

 This is turning into a real sales stand fest. The Chivers wagon now has a provenance (see comments). The Kenline strapping is underway and this itself is off a secondhand stand and I can actually pinpoint that it was the Scalefour club stand at Scaleforum. This was when it was still at Leatherhead and had an atmosphere and people through the door. As an aside I note that Aylesbury has just been voted worst town in England. I assume that this isn't linked in any way.

I thought the Kenline stuff may be too wide. It is a little fatter that the brass bits that are already on there, but it'll be OK. A quick rub with a fibre brush and a smear of super glue and it's fixed. This is real seat of the pants stuff as I have no idea whether this will end up OK and is definitely one step at a time.

Other news. As it stands there are still two shows on the horizon for the next weekend; in the south at least. Astolat near Guildford has announced that all is well but you will need a Covid neg test to get in. Bognor have been slightly quieter about things, but there was a small note on FB saying all was well and according to their web page, no test needed. Or more to the point it doesn't mention it at all. Mind you recent visits to Bognor in general suggest that they will be more interested in checking if you are Polish rather than full of Covid 19. If they turn me away it's a trip to Gaugemaster.

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  1. Simon's comment woke me up and managed to give me a light-bulb moment. Drrrr. Several pics and a drawing of Diag. 1410 and 1412 wagons on pages 31-34 of the OPC LSWR/SDJR book. I'll scan them and email them to you.