Friday 21 January 2022

Building an old whitemetal wagon kit

Second hand wagon
This has been in the stash box (incidentally this is a 1970s era heavy Teachers Whisky case) for literally decades. Where it's from I'm not sure. I'd partly disassembled it though some of the bit are immovable such as the brakes and the buffers. One of the later's heads is broken and the whole thing is a bit bent having lived in a poly-bag for years. I can't figure out the glue that's been used. It's not soldered and if it were super glue then I'd be able to waggle the bits off. The joins look too clean for epoxy.

Nu-cast kit

What I can be sure of it that it is an LBSCR A Open and that it is likely to be a Nu-cast kit from the same era as the stash box. The buffers aside it does all appear to be intact though getting it rebuilt square could be fun.

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  1. Looking at the red-ish residue, I wonder whether the glue is something like Bostik came out in the late 70s/early 80s and consisted of a clear paste (like Bostik or UHU) in a tube and an evil-smelling brown liquid "activator" which came in a small bottle with a brush in the lid. I used it as my Mum banned me from having superglue due to the press hype at the time, it was pretty strong.
    Sure you're right about it being Nucast, those axlebox castings are a clue. I had the van and have also got an open still in its bag.
    Pre-grouping SR stuff...why not? Plenty of choice of subject matter even if you just wanted to run Dury's Gap in SR mode...