Sunday 1 July 2012


Whist at the Alesbury bash a couple of weeks back, a little time was spent at the Agenoria models stand. One thing that caught my eye was a planned kit for the firm's namesake loco - I started dribbling. Could I build this? It would be fiddly in the extreme, but would fit the basic premise of the O Gauge project. Then yesterday I flicked open Branch Lines To Stourbridge at a well known library and there it was again. I've no idea how much this kit would cost or if it's do-able. However the case for trying is building.


  1. It would be a heck of a challenge but if it worked, very satisfying. A whole seam of railway modelling that hasn't been mined to death as well.

  2. My thoughts exactly. The idea of something based in this period 1845-60 has been itching for a while. Information however is not as easy to come by as the WR in 1959.