Thursday 30 January 2020


Hopwood OO gauge diesel layout
Hopwood returned from Peco yesterday after it's epic debut at Warley. There is quite a bit of upgrading to do before it's second outing at East Grinstead in a few weeks and I haven't assessed any possible damage yet. More interesting/worrying is the fact that I had some boxes of RTR O gauge and some track print-outs thrust into my hand as I got into the car. This may be the summer accounted for already.


  1. '0' dear Chris, a Manning Wardle 'K' class and a brake van, just enough to start you off on the slippery slope into 7mm modelling. :-)

    I really enjoyed your account of 'Hopwood' both here and in RM, perhaps the best articles aimed at the beginner that I have read for ages.

    Enjoy your summer project.