Saturday 21 November 2020

7mm scale signals

Never open you big mouth. I sent the review in for the Simon Paley book (mentioned below). A short while later: 'As you're well read in this now, do you fancy building these up for review?'

I have said many times over the years that I don't do wires - nasty tangly things full of stuff I don't really understand. The subject is a triple modular kit of a 7mm 3 aspect with a feather arm - the bit pictured above, the post and the feather in separate kits. The bit with resistors I didn't get so I rang AWK for some knowledgeable advise. That bit partially achieved I returned the instructions only to find that the bit I'd done I didn't need to do...yet.  The three sets of instructions are worryingly interlaced. I'd hesitate to say that this is bad practice, but it did take me a while to work out where to start. I'm sure it will all be fine.



  1. Looks good so far...I guess this is a fair size in 7mm, you don't realise how big the real things are until you get up close to them.
    Oddly, the new signals put in at Bexhill as part of the Three Bridges scheme are all LED and have the different colours all in one light, a bit like the old "searchlight" signals that started appearing pre-WWII.
    Meanwhile, I'm busy Inglenooking.

  2. I've never understood signalling, which is probably why I build industrial! That does look good though.