Monday 23 November 2020

O gauge brake van

 I finished the 7mm brake off last week. Apart from a couple of niggles it practically falls together. but isn't a particularly quick build. However it doesn't say this on the box and this is supposed to be a pastime not a race. Finished in a scruffy, but not filthy paint job with the usual mix of acrylics form Humbrol.


  1. Looks very good. And the weathering is nice and subtle. Not easy to achieve.

  2. That does indeed look great. Your comment about pastime etc. Thought. The shake the box kits seem to have vanished, we now have ultradetailed ready to run, and kits such as this. Is there a market being missed I wonder?
    A Knights

    1. Other than Tri-ang CKD and Peco Wonderful Wagons I can't really think of a shake the box kit for the British market in the same way as Athearn and Roundhouse in thr US, though I can't help wondering if the modern equivalent isn't stuff like Hornby's Railroad, ready painted but relatively easy to modify and detail.
      The kit market does seem to have become rather polarised...

  3. If you work on an hourly basis, money spent on a kit that takes time but goes together well provides a low £ to hours of fun - probably a lot lower than many other pasttimes. It all depends if you consider making things a pleasure or the end result is all that matters.